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Here‘s the place to grab some goodies! Find brochures, articles, technical stuff and soundfiles.

Original Steinberger Documents


                    1986 Brochure          Warranty Card          Info Tuner/                 Owner‘s Info

                                                       (Newburgh era)        electronics                (Nashville era)                                                                                                            

Articles in magazines

2012 we got the opportunity to write stories on Steinberger basses and guitars for the german Grand GTRS and Bass quarterly magazines. Thank you Bernd Meissner and Mario Unterköfler for writing these articles together with me! Provided on finebergers.at with kind permission of the PNP Verlag, Germany. Visit either www.grandguitars.de or www.bassqarterly.de. Click on the the magazine covers to download the article.


                    Bass quarterly 2/2012        Bass quarterly 3/2012         Grand GTRS 3/2012          Grand GRTS 4/2012           Grand GRTS 5/2012

Here‘s a great article feature on early Steinberger L2 basses as well as a hardtail GL from the June 2001 issue of Guitarist magazine written by Neville Marten. Used with kind permission of Guitarist magazine/Future Publishing. www.musicradar.com.


                    Guitarist 6/2001


To show you, how different these instruments sound, I recorded some audio clips with three different Steinberger guitars: A clean riff, a distorted riff and a short single note line.

All tracks were recorded without any effects, the distortion is just the lead channel of my Mesa/Boogie F-30. The fuller sound of the solo line is achieved by using the contour mode of the F-30 which adds more hights (by still providing enough mids).

For all recordings the bridge humbucker was used and all instruments, tone pots were full up (GP, GL as they have a passive EQ), HazLabs EQ was in center position (GM7TA), volume pots were full up. Amp settings were all the same.

Guitars were strung with LaBella STP 942 sets.

Tracks were normalized (0dB) and are provided in high quality (wav format) to give you the best impression. As the clips are short, the files are a 2-3 MB in size.

       Steinberger GP2T:    Clean RIff         Distorted Riff         Single-Note Line (Lead)


       Steinberger GL2:       Clean RIff          Distorted Riff         Single-Note Line (Lead)  

       Steinberger GM7TA: Clean RIff          Distorted Riff         Single-Note Line (Lead)  




Someone interested in Ned Steinbergers patent specifications? For instance download the files for the first design of the L2 bass from 1978, the TransTrem 1, Trans Trem 2, and many more at Google Patents. But note one thing: They do not contain all the information to build the guitar, bass or part.


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