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This site is fan based and for information purposes only. Steinberger is a brand name owned by the Gibson Guitar Corporation. Parker guitars is a brand of the U.S. Music Corporation.

The official Steinberger website can be found at http://www.steinberger.com. Parker guitars is a brand of the U.S. Music Corporation. Their official website can be found at http://www.parkerguitars.com. The official website of EMGF pickups is found at http://www.emgpickups.com.

I have no whatever affiliation with these companies!

Also I‘m not responsible for any content on the sites I‘ve linked to.

Here I give you some very important Steinberger related web links!

- Steinberger World: This is the most comprehensive site. Here you will find almost anything you want to know.

  1. -Steinberger World Forum: Here you can get in touch with the real experts!

  2. -Steinieland: This is the most comprehensive european Steinie Site, maintained by Bernd Meißner. Be sure not to miss the enhanced serial number database there. If you cannot find your own instrument there, let Bernd know.

Photo credits: Every picture on this site has been taken by myself, except the two pictures showing GL/XL instruments. The latter have been taken by Andreas Huthansl from the German grand guitars magazine. Thank you for allowing me to use your great pictures!

If you like to use one or more of this pictures for any commercial use, you have to ask for permission! Just mail me. My name is Tom and I‘m from Austria. I am an avid Steinberger fan, player and in the meantime even collector.

I hope you enjoyed your visit on my website!


If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me anytime.


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