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General: This is a guitar made of wood, covered by a very thin layer of carbon composite material (except the top of body) to increase stability and sustain. My instrument is all original, no changes have been made. The quality, durability and craftsmanship can only be described as superb!

Body: Mahogany, carved

Neck: Basswood, glued on. There's almost no neck joint that gets in your way. Has 24 stainless steel frets (glued on!). So after all those years of playing, there's no fret wear at all. There have been reports on frets falling of. But it is a rare occurrance and after all those years I have never had any issues. Btw, this can be repaired quite easily by a luthier or skilled person with regular super glue.

Bridge: Parker-Fishman custom tremolo unit made from aluminum cast material that also features a piezo pickup. The trem unit is one of a kind: The balance wheel can be used to tighten or soften the tension of the trem spring. A switch on the back of the guitar allows it to change from free floating trem to vintage trem to fixed bridge - which really is stunning. The trem arm by the way is a regular 3/16" hex steel rod. So it can be replaced easily (at least when living in the US, in central europe hex rods with inch measures are very hard to get).

Hardware: Sperzel locking tuners. You'll need only a half or three quarter turn at each tuning peg. That's one reason which increases the tuning stability.

Pickups: DiMarzio GEN1 custom humbuckers

Playability: This one plays so great I'm not able to put it in words

Reason bought: After having played an Ibanez Jem for more than 10 years I did not enjoy the floral pattern design anymore. Also my growing interest for jazz oriented music made me search for another instrument. Being an avid reader of the Down Beat magazine in the early nineties I was caught by Parker ads that featured Pat Martino, one of my heroes at that time. The guitar seemed so different from everything else I've seen before and I liked the fact that Steinberger guitars were obviously a huge influence. Besides feeling so great, it sounded so good and was my overall guitar that I could play everything with, starting from Jazz standards to progressive metal riffs.

Not forgotten shall be the very high quality Hiscox case the Parker Fly was sold with. Ok, it might a little heavy and unhandy but it protects the instrument pretty well. The Hiscox case was specially molded for the Fly guitar and is an ultra stable mate for this light and fragile instrument. If someone considers it too big, one can also change for a well padded gig bag.

1996 Parker Fly classic

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