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Steinberger Instrument Specifications

Although - compared to other brands - there are not as many Steinberger instruments around, you regularly find offers in the internet. I‘d like to give you some advice which may be of help in finding out, which specific model an offered instrument could be. When you consider buying a Steinberger, do not forget to check out my buying advice. Some technical information on various Steinberger hardware features is provided here.

Below you find tables of specifications for Steinberger guitars and basses. These can be of great help to see which configurations the various guitar and bass models were offered during different manufacturing eras. If you want to know, when your instrument has been built, check out the regularly updated serial number database at Steinieland. You will also find an instrument timeline there, showing you, which serial number ranges belong to which manufacturing year.

But I have to inform you, that this collection of information in the following specification tables and tips given can only be a guideline, not the indisputable truth. I will not be responsible for any unexpected inconveniences resulting from this advice!

The following tables show many possible stock Steinberger guitar respectively bass configurations. Please note that it has been created to the best of my knowledge and with help from very well versed friends, but I cannot guarantee it‘s error free. Please also note that Steinberger offered custom configurations on demand (e.g. passive pickups). So, a guitar offered with high impedance pickups is not necessarily modified. For instance many GM that were shipped to Italy are equipped with passive instead of active pickups.

Just click on the pictures to open the specification tables.


                                Specifications for Steinberger guitars                   Specifications for Steinberger basses