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TransTrem Type 2 close up

The transposing unit needs calibrated strings in order to work properly. This means that strings must be manufactured to an individual length. If they are a little too short or too long, they won‘t transpose accurately.

Tuning strings on a guitar equipped with a TT2:

To tune a TT equipped instrument you‘ll have to deal with three mechanisms: First there are the 40:1 tuners (a), second there are screws at each string jaw (b), third and last, there‘s the balance wheel (c) by which the spring can be tightened or loosened. Detailed instructions on how to tune can be found here Or check out some TransTrem tips if your unit doesn‘t transpose in tune. On this site you also find advice how to replace some parts like bearings as well as other parts. And if you‘re about to repair your TT, here‘s a great guide  how to disassemble this trem.

On the pictures below you can see, the strings run over a steel roller (e) to minimize friction (and along with that tuning problems). In combination with the zero fret and the headpiece at the end of the neck, this guarantees great tuning stability!

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